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Accessing the Leader Within

Posted on Aug 27, 2015 in

As the mornings and evenings cool and the crunchy leaves start to appear underfoot I find myself returning to those memories of new school years. Those Septembers filled with a sense of “fresh start” and “new beginnings” even if I knew exactly who was in my class, what teacher I’d have, or in which precise room I’d be learning. That sense of “new” and “fresh” is forever associated with this change in seasons- odd given that it’s actually the season where most natural things are going to sleep-.

I don’t know that I’ll ever stop thinking of my years in terms of the academic calendar. Certainly not while I’m working with Trinity. Next week begins a series of new adventures as we work with our newest partner schools- Central Technical School and East York Collegiate Institute- to create strong grade 9 orientation days. We’ve had representative peer leaders from each school working with us over the summer to create Amazing Races of each school to help the Grade 9s familiarize themselves with the space, routines, community, and individual people in the schools. As I personally prepare for our training days with each school’s peer leaders, I feel intimidated and nervous as though it were my own first day at a new school. While I find the feeling uncomfortable, it’s also invigorating and comes with a healthy dose of adrenaline that will lead to my becoming my leader-self.

While I’m told I can be a good leader and connect well with people, I’m not always a natural extrovert. I love these opportunities to be my outgoing self but they are often preceded with self -doubt, fear of rejection and a bit of anxiety. As I get older I’ve accepted this as relatively normal and just a part of my identity. But when I was younger this made me feel like leadership just wasn’t something I was capable of. I had this image that leadership and being a leader meant that you didn’t care at all what people thought of you and that you loved being around people all the time- a highly misguided understanding of leadership and leaders. What I love most about the leadership that Trinity develops in people is that there are qualities of leadership in every person and that this leadership takes all sorts of forms from speaking in front of a large group to making a decision that is intuitively right for you.

While the adrenaline pumps through my veins and self-doubt creeps into my mind, I think of the opportunity before me- to help others dispel that myth about leadership and to find the leader that exists uniquely in and for themselves.

And once again I’m excited about that fresh start of the new school year.