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Trinity Blog Re-Vamp

Posted on Mar 17, 2016 in

I don’t know about you, but I have not entirely understood the value and purpose of blogging. This probably reveals a lot about my relationship with social media. I’ll admit that I do grumble about how much more demanding our work has become now that maintaining a presence on social media is expected and required. So I have had to be convinced that it is really advantageous for me to buy in to this new reality.

Why Blog?

This has happened in two ways. First we have been getting coaching sessions at the Centre for Social Innovation. In a session with Mike Brcic of “The Social Entrepreneur” and “Sacred Rides,” we were introduced to the idea of using blogs to first and foremost provide value – and then to ultimately funnel business towards a ‘core offer’, i.e. Trinity programs, services and resources. I appreciated his argument that we need to first build trust and respect, and what better way than to provide free online resources for consideration?

Secondly, here at Trinity we have the good fortune of having a co-op student from Humber College’s Media & Communications program with us for the winter/spring term. Khaya Matheson has been assisting us with our social media needs, and to that end has been able to give us some further advice on how to better utilize Trinity blogs.

Personal and Topic-Related Blogging

Alan and I are aiming to be recognized by a broader audience as ‘known and trusted’ experts in the areas of social emotional development, youth empowerment, peer leadership, experiential learning, kindness and compassion, acceptance, improving community practice and increasing community capacity through intergenerational engagement.

To do this we are going to write two types of ‘value-added’ blogs – personal and topic-related.

The personal blogs will appear on the third Thursday of every month. These will be directed at the Trinity community-at-large and be of our topic of choice. They will be written in a more candid journal style, natural, relaxed, and provide a platform to be informative of events and happenings at Trinity.

The topic-related blogs will appear every three weeks, on Mondays, starting on March 21st. These will be directed to a specific audience each time, either EDUCATORS, YOUTH or PARENTS. These will be useful and helpful, direct, to-the-point, and socially emotionally relevant.

Blogs For Educators, Parents and Youth

EDUCATORS can look forward to learning fresh new perspectives, ideas, concepts and techniques – ranging from dealing conflict in the classroom, helping students handle anxiety and stress, become their best self, building a positive school community.

PARENTS will be offered new ideas, insights and approaches for understanding their child’s experience as they navigate the education system.

YOUTH will be shown ways to survive high school and other challenges, how to become a leader in their own life, and take peer leadership into their school community – as well as the community-at-large, provide resources and be inspired by the stories of other peer leaders.

If I Can Do It So Can You

 So there you have it. Going forward, I am going to trust in by betters in this domain (thank you, Mike and Khaya) and commit to our goal here at Trinity of providing something of value in each blog post.   And to that end I am going to leave you this link to an easy read with 20 quick-tips when blog writing, just in case any of you are interested in learning how to write a blog yourself…