Who We Are


At Trinity Theatre, we believe in the effectiveness of theatre outside theatre. Through our innovative and interactive programs and services for schools and communities, we use the fundamental practices of theatre to empower youth and to build community.

Our social development programs give schools the tools they need to develop safer, more productive learning environments and empower youth to take on leadership roles in the social/emotional development of their peer groups. Participants are also encouraged to relate this development to academic achievement and skill building.


Trinity Theatre was founded in 1982. It began as a traditional theatre ensemble with a focus on education and social issues. After performing and delivering a variety of plays and presentations related to Canadian history, social issues and equity awareness (for the public, for schools and for workplaces) we refined our focus to help meet the unique needs of the education system.

Since 1984, Trinity has worked with the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) to address social issues ranging from alcohol and drug abuse to bullying, AIDS education, the environment, conflict resolution, gender and equity issues and more. Over the years we’ve evolved our methods of delivery, deconstructing theatre practices and training youth to use these repurposed tools as peer leaders, facilitators and mentors.

Who We Are

sandra_alanTrinity’s Co-Directors Alan Richardson and Sandra Crockard have over 30 years of knowledge and experience creating theatre- and art-based programs, tools and resources. They draw from a variety of mentoring and mediation practices to provide tools for change to schools and communities and to help students build empathy and compassion.

Sandra and Alan take the lead in the delivery of all projects and share in the research and development, writing, program design, facilitation, coaching and training. Their work is supported by several staff members who assist with administrative tasks, training and the upkeep of social media and the website.

Trinity is an incorporated, registered non-profit charitable organization.

Trinity’s Board of Directors & Advisory Group

Trinity has a board of directors and an advisory group. The advisory group consists of a diverse group of students; teachers; principals and vice principals; child and youth workers and social workers. It also includes administrators from TDSB Caring and Safe Schools, Long Term Support and Special Education; as well as representatives from universities, non-profit organizations and other stakeholders interested in the social/emotional development of youth.

Empowering Youth…

For over 30 years, Trinity has been making a contribution to education by helping students to balance their social and emotional development with their need for academic and personal achievement. In recognition of this work, Trinity was the recipient of the award for “Outstanding Participation as a partner of Toronto District School Board.”

In addition to working with the TDSB, Trinity has trained peer leaders in Ottawa, Montreal, Vancouver, Halifax, Niagara and Bruce Grey schools who, in turn, have reached out to thousands of students to address issues of safety and to promote non-violence and inclusiveness.

Working with Partners to Bring about Change…

Since 2004, Trinity has collaborated with over 40 elementary and high schools in the development of our Creating Communities We Want programs. The TDSB Caring and Safe Schools and Guidance and Student Success offices (in particular) have been important collaborators in the development of our social/emotional programs.

Other key partners include:

  • Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
  • Conrad Grebel Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies
  • Health Canada Drug Strategy Community Initiatives
  • Justice Canada, Youth Justice Fund
  • LaMarsh Centre for Research on Violence and Conflict Resolution
  • Parent Action on Drugs (PAD)
  • Toronto Police Services
  • University of Toronto, OISE
  • York University, Faculty of Education

Bringing Innovative Theatre Practices to Workplaces…

Over the years, we’ve used our innovative theatre practices to address workplace issues in organizations ranging from the Government of Ontario and the Government of Canada to the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB), CIBC Wood Gundy, Ciba Geigy, Imperial Oil, Ontario Hydro and the University of Windsor—to name just a few.

We’ve also presented before international audiences at conferences hosted by Justice Canada, National Crime Prevention Centre, Family Services Canada, the International Joint Commission, UNESCO (in Paris, France) and Health Canada, as well as at the International AIDS Conference.