Moving forward

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A resource for helping disengaged students to develop learning capacity and to pursue personal development.

Moving Forward is a social/emotional development program for disengaged students who are in special ed, student success or alternative to suspension and expulsion programs. Through an easy-to-follow training manual, senior peer leaders, teachers, child and youth workers and administrators are given differentiated learning tools for engaging hard-to-engage students, either one-on-one or in group settings.

The program was crafted using Trinity Theatre’s years of experience in working with expelled/suspended students and includes exercises that cover areas such as self awareness, sensitivity to others, communication and collaboration, anger and self development, and outgrowing limiting behaviours to move forward.

Educators can choose to work directly from the manual or to have Trinity facilitators deliver customized workshops using the material.

“Trinity Theatre has created an innovative program that gives youth the tools they need to implement crime prevention through social development strategies.”
Stu Auty, President, Canadian Safe Schools Network

“Trinity brings together disparate student populations and creates mentors and leaders in populations that others have given up on.”
Bill Byrd, Safe and Caring Schools Administrator, TDSB

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