Here you will find writings that give some insight into Trinity’s programs.

Sally Spofforth

05 Mar


“Students understand the work they have done with Sandra and Alan, and talk about it, refer to it, use it for months (and in the case of at least one student who has remained in touch, years) after the workshops have been concluded.”

Matthew J. Jennings

05 Mar


“You may remember me – we worked together years back. I have not forgotten you. I felt it necessary to update my CV… there was one thing I found myself wanting to carry over from my previous years: my leadership experiences with you and Trinity Theatre. Read more

Nancy Burns

05 Mar

“As Coordinator for Safe and Caring Schools, I found the process used to be incredibly supportive of the concepts we promote as a school board. The students are seen as the experts from whom we learn, they are coached to learn the skills necessary Read more