The Here and Now of Life

Posted on Apr 24, 2017 in Youth Engagement

The Journey Begins


One of the unintentional side effects of our long years in school is that we can feel that our own life is on pause, or something is happening some fun place somewhere outside school,

Or that life is something we have to learn, a ‘soon to start’ phenomenon that begins with success at our studies

But the fact is your life has begun

You are here


In body and thought

And that spirit of life that manifests in all your actions and ideas isn’t waiting to start when you think it should, like after you finish high school, or after you get your college or university degree, or after your first job

Or when you start living on your own, or when you find the right relationship, or when you feel better about yourself, or when you and your mother stop fighting, or when you become a better person

You are here


In body and thought

And that spirit of life

So what are you doing with it?

It doesn’t matter if you are timid,

Or less endowed with special talents

As some others in your acquaintance,

Or the overlooked child in a large family,

Or the unfortunate victim of some abuse

Can you ask yourself this question-

What are you doing with your life?

Because the moment you ask

The moment you actually ask

And want an answer

The journey to find yourself begins


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