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1-1-3In this innovative social/emotional development program for elementary school, senior students—usually in grade 8—are trained in peer leadership. In teams, they carry out a series of in-class workshops for students in grades 3 through 6. The workshops cover a range of relationship and personal development topics, from bullying and building positive relationships to developing assertiveness and collaborating with others. Each workshop involves theatre-based exercises in rapport, building trust and role playing as well as talking circles to develop self-expression and a sense of community.


“Trinity Theatre’s vibrant programs can make a positive, dramatic difference in the lives of children and youth.”
Audrey Cole, National Coordinator, Canadian Initiative for the Prevention of Bullying


“Students understand the work they’ve done with Trinity and talk about it, refer to it and use it for months—and sometimes even years—after the workshops have concluded.”
Sally Spofforth, Student Leadership (Retired), Marc Garneau C.I.

About Trinity

Trinity provides experiential and integrated learning using the arts and intergenerational interactions to foster peer leadership, personal development and community resilience.

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Volunteer & Career Opportunities

Trinity is currently recruiting Retired Educators, Career Counsellors, & Education Workers to volunteer as Trainer/Facilitators in our high school programs. Read more.


  • Trinity Theatre wishes you a very happy thanksgiving 💛♥️ #thanksgiving
  • The Greenwood Civics class has developed a mock student election in partnership with Trinity Theatre to inform the students about Canadian politics! Swipe through the pictures to see their info display of the different parties and platforms and their Kahoot game lunch, where they discussed the merits of each party. The students were so passionate about the project and the importance of voting that they even created their own logo, and are holding a mock scaled down election soon. 
It's awesome to see the students turn something that could seem foreign and burdensome to them into something fun and engaging. Go Greenwood!

#appliedcivics #trinitytheatre #greenwood #nonforprofit
  • Toronto’s not-for-profit sector provides immense public benefit by working to build a better city. On October 2, we celebrate #TONotForProfitDay! Learn more: torontonprofits.org 
We build a better city by helping youth develop concrete plans for improving their school communities & access the supports they need to move forward on those goals.

We are honoured to be part of Not-For-Profit day! 
  • Even though the strikes are done in Toronto, there are still many things you can do about the climate crisis:

1) Contact local representatives and demand policy/funding for climate action
2) Start constructive conversations on climate change in your communities
3) Be deliberate about your consumption
4) If you're in a university setting, join or create a group that lobbies that university to divest from fossil fuels
5) Vote in the upcoming elections
6) Use public transit/ bike/walk/carpool, where possible
7) Support or join a group that's addressing climate change
8) Use your energy wisely (unplug electronics when not in use)
9) Bring your own shopping bags when you go grocery shopping and use reusable containers and mugs, cutlery, etc.
10) Watch and keep on track with advances in climate change 📸: @csharmaphotos

#climatechange #climatestrike #climatestrikeTO #environment #toronto
  • Trinity Theatre's podcast, My Neighbourhood is still going strong! The newest episode is now out, and it features stories from team members Matt, Charu and Rebecca about how they developed their passions for various art forms. You'll learn about how Rebecca has single handedly created her own digital publication, the Polemical Zine, how Charu is building her profession in photography and how Matt's original love for business has turned him towards a career in media and communications.

To listen, click the link in bio, or copy paste the following link in your browser:

#nonprofit #creative #podcast #art
  • Youth are taking a stand against climate change all around the world!  #FridaysforFuture is a strike movement created by youth in Sweden to bring attention to the UN Climate Summit.  The protests now are taking place in over 150 countries, and Canada is next. Join and see as Toronto youth take action outside City Hall today and next Friday, the 27th of September. 
#climatestrike #torontoyouth #youthmovement

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