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1-1-3In this innovative social/emotional development program for elementary school, senior students—usually in grade 8—are trained in peer leadership. In teams, they carry out a series of in-class workshops for students in grades 3 through 6. The workshops cover a range of relationship and personal development topics, from bullying and building positive relationships to developing assertiveness and collaborating with others. Each workshop involves theatre-based exercises in rapport, building trust and role playing as well as talking circles to develop self-expression and a sense of community.


“Trinity Theatre’s vibrant programs can make a positive, dramatic difference in the lives of children and youth.”
Audrey Cole, National Coordinator, Canadian Initiative for the Prevention of Bullying


“Students understand the work they’ve done with Trinity and talk about it, refer to it and use it for months—and sometimes even years—after the workshops have concluded.”
Sally Spofforth, Student Leadership (Retired), Marc Garneau C.I.

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