Peer Leader Letters #5

After the initial workshops concerning Respect, and Values/Community, we then review the issues and concerns the younger students have identified for themselves and set about addressing those issues in following workshops.

But as I indicated previously, as we talk about these issues we are also developing their literacy- and our own for that matter- in the deeper making of our character, and the personalities we put forward to meet others, and the greater world we share.

The pandemic is having a significant influence in that development. It is threatening to shrink our lives.

We are all living with an immense mental and emotional dissonance in our lives and world. Over 8 million stricken with Covid 19. Our families, loved ones, and friends trapped in an ever deepening sense of oppression, daily restrained from communion with one another.

What can we do?

The superficiality of much of life, our busy-ness, our neverending competitiveness with others, our fragile moral integrities and misalignment with nature, all are revealed as patterns of dysfunction.

What can we do?

We can do what we can…to make sense of ourselves and our world

We can do what we can to help ourselves, and help others…to become more conscious, to become more accepting of one another, and the incredible complexity of life that can not be defined by a virus:

by being with each other,

listening as each of us wrestles with our particular fears and other patterns of self-undermining,

talk about how we live,

talk about how we make ourselves,

talk about our hopes to belong,

act like our lives are precious,

act like our lives were important,

and not just our goals, identities, alliances, and achievements,

act like our ordinary, daily, up-and-down, joyous, paradoxical lives are precious.

Trnity Peer Leaders, you are being asked the very same thing you ask of the younger students in our workshop on community and values

what do you see?

what do you feel?

how are you making yourself a support to another,



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