Applied Civics

Applied Civics

Applied Civics is one of our leadership development programs that supports the formation and branding of local Peer Leader Teams.

These teams find and create service opportunities for youth in their communities.

This also encourages them to mentor peers who come from disengaged and disadvantaged sections of society.

Local Peer Leader Teams working with youth on community development

How do the Peer Leader Teams work towards service opportunities within their community?

The Peer Leader Teams undertake multiple steps to identify and create opportunities to serve their community.

  1. The teams develop and maintain volunteer bulletin boards for the community. These boards are made available to guidance, ESL, student success and co-op departments.
  2. They engage fellow students in Civics and Careers classes to update the bulletin boards with individual and class challenges.
  3. They create a self-awareness quiz in which youth identify assets, interests, skills, and career aspirations. The youth then line these up with local volunteer opportunities as per their interests.
  4. They become social entrepreneurs. Local Peer Leader teams create their own meaningful volunteer service projects and, with Trinity’s support and assistance, carry them out throughout the school year.
  5. They make their peers aware of the benefits of meaningful community service. They also promote local volunteer opportunities and challenge their peers to get involved. This is done through social media, videos, school assemblies and community forums.
Trinity team members in Applied Civics Program

What role does Trinity play in supporting these Teams?

If you are a member of the Peer Leader teams, we will provide you with full support in terms of training, management, and mentoring.

We act as both a clearing house as well as a lead agent in the creation of local ‘Collective Impact Models’.

You can also make use of resources like social scans, resource and asset mapping which will help your team in identifying volunteer opportunities in your communities.

In this way, we help peer leader teams create service opportunities for youth in their neighbourhoods.

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