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Being Here – In a World of Conflict

On certain days, it feels like we are surrounded by conflict and violence.

The daily news is full of incidents. Even riding the subway, we can often hear people arguing or shouting.

Is it intrinsic to our nature? Is it inevitable that we are just going to conflict with one another? Through conflict, we have created genres such as violence in popular films.

We are creatures of action and reaction. Thanks to the intelligence of the cells in my body that make up my heart and lungs and other major ‘systems,’ my heart beats. My lungs breathe, my body functions all without my conscious intervention. In fact, homeostasis is constantly working to keep my body functioning at an equilibrium that makes life possible.

We also have the capacity to reflect. To observe ourselves and our actions and alter this action/reaction process to achieve results we want. Thanks to this reflection process we are building our versions of experiences, resulting in ways of looking at ourselves and the world around us. We call these reflections ‘values’ and ‘beliefs’ sometimes.

A lot of this process, which has been going on from our births, is unconscious. This probably means it is highly likely that we have also constructed inner ‘hurts,’ inner unmet needs, and basic fears that we do not consciously recall – until they are triggered by some event.

Is this the possible genesis of conflict?

We all know we react to various people differently – some we have warm responses to, others we are basically indifferent to. This probably has a lot to do with how we have been making our inner selves and versions of experiences within us.

Consequently, there is always the possibility for conflict with others based on whether our perspectives align or conflict with one another…

We need to have a degree of self-awareness about our personality and how we are constructing it, and what constructions we have already made.

Until we address our inner selves and those inner hurts and unmet needs, it is likely that we will conflict.

Is this why we entertain ourselves with popular images in movies and art of conflict?

November 7, 2019

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