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A volunteer Resume is one of the key things that you should be prepared with before approaching an organization. You have spent a lot of time identifying the volunteering causes that connect with you. And when you have found the Read More
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More notes on our recent lockdown 2021… Possible antidotes to the restrictions on travel, mixing with others, and the dominance of repeating societal narratives mentioned before include the following: • Walking, especially in nature, where the sense of a quiet Read More
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Here in Ontario we are locked down again so I thought I would examine the things I most miss in my day to day life before going on to explore our self-narratives. But I’m also pausing because I sense that Read More
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On October 17th, the newly founded Arran-Elderslie Youth Advisory Council held our first ever Youth Forum, a wonderful event encouraging local stakeholders and youth in the community to learn about each other and advocate for themselves. A number of business Read More
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As we are creating our personalities, based on our Sense of Person, there are three areas of our inner lives that are particularly important and powerful because they are products of our mind-body connectedness. These are our Self Confidence, Self Read More
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