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Building Bridges

trinity-theatre-building-bridgesBUILDING BRIDGES PROJECT

During the summer Leadership Lab 2018, Trinity will draw together intergenerational teams in the communities of Malvern and Rexdale to carry out Trinity’s Building Bridges project. These teams of youth and seniors will collaborate together – ‘building bridges’ between cultural, religious and ethnic communities, promoting diversity and inclusion through positive interaction, encouraging inter-cultural understanding, and advocating for broader school engagement with their communities.

The goal is to help youth and seniors develop stronger voices in their communities, bring broader attention to their shared issues, and develop strategies towards increasing awareness of cultural identity related to race, ethnicity, religion, or culture.

Intergenerational Activities include:

· SOCIAL SCAN FIELD TRIPS – Identifying a community’s existing infrastructure and cultural makeup, providing information and tools to engage in and appreciate the value of a multicultural society, co-creating strategies to address issues related to culture, ethnicity and race.

· CALL TO ACTION COMMUNITY FORUMS and SOCIAL ACTION THEATRE PRESENTATIONS – Public expressions of the experience of working intergenerationally, sharing the results of their analysis of what is vital to understanding Canada and Toronto’s ongoing experience of social integration.

· DIVERSITY WORKSHOPS – A new secondary school offering for Trinity’s Peer to Peer program. Peer Leaders are trained and mentored intergenerationally to deliver a diversity and inclusion workshop that works towards the elimination of discrimination, racism and prejudice.

· CIVICS-BASED VOLUNTEER PROJECT – Youth and seniors collaborating to develop and carry out a volunteer project in the community that tackles issues affecting full participation in Canadian society.


This project has been made possible in part by the Government of Canada.
Ce projet a été rendu possible en grâce au gouvernement du Canada.

About Trinity

Trinity provides experiential and integrated learning using the arts and intergenerational interactions to foster peer leadership, personal development and community resilience.

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Volunteer & Career Opportunities

Trinity is currently recruiting Retired Educators, Career Counsellors, & Education Workers to volunteer as Trainer/Facilitators in our high school programs. Read more.


  • Courageous Voices is a civics program hosted by Trinity Theatre for middle school students to help them learn about the honourable people that have fought for social justice in the world. We use the experiential learning method; honing their writing and artistic ability to help them develop public-speaking skills and empathy for all people. Contact us for more information about how to adopt the program at your school today!

Link here for more information: https://trinitytheatre.ca/portfolio/courageous-voices/
  • Want to find out more about our programs? Read our arts publication, "Who is Toronto?" to not only understand Trinity Theatre's mission better, but to also read our peer leaders' stories! 
Link: http://ow.ly/eom550wTsou or check the link in bio!
  • This #MindfulMonday, take a break! We know this is a start of a probably very busy week for you, but how can you truly take in anything if you're exhausted? Take the time to do what makes your soul happy ;)
  • In the summer's #LeadershipLab19, the Greenwood team took us around their neighbourhood and showed us their community facilities. There, we were able to understand the community's needs by listening to a speech to the MP Julie Dabrusin. The team learned a great deal about their community as they prepared their community tour for us. We recommend you to take a walk around your neighbourhood one day! Learn about the facilities you can use, and what you can contribute.
  • What a heavy statement! Want to find out what we discovered at Mackenzie House this summer during #LeadershipLab19? Check out the 'History' episode in our podcast, "My Neighbourhood." Link in bio, or copy-paste this link into your web browser: 
  • Trinity Theatre hopes you have a spookily SAFE halloween!

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