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The exercises we will be publishing in our Free Resources section from time to time are all drawn from trinity’s various programs – Peer to Peer, Making Connections, Moving Forward, and the Leadership Lab. Some we invented, many were drawn from that common vocabulary shared by anyone who works with youth. We adapted many to be easier to use in the classroom and have added ideas for intergenerational debriefs.

Play is something everyone has experienced – from a child’s make believe adventures to the sheer excitement of engagement in sports, dance and games that develop our intellectual and creative skills. When we play we learn in action, developing the habits of concentration and social intelligence while extending essential communication skills.

This discovery of life through testing ourselves against imaginative challenges, exploring roles and life situations that could potentially overwhelm us in reality, and learning to collaborate in teams are also what the development of our innate resilience is all about – and lie at the heart of play and theatre in education.

But there is one qualification to this fact. Our play has to have the qualities of sincerity and absorption typical of child’s play. Only then, in the total commitment to the game/exercise does play become the energy supporting the learning process.

And so while the exercises are primarily being used to create an atmosphere conductive to engagement, team building, or the development of a personal skill, teachers should always keep in mind their deeper purpose – to put participants in touch with sincerity and concentration in the moment which is our primary learning condition.


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Trinity provides experiential and integrated learning using the arts and intergenerational interactions to foster peer leadership, personal development and community resilience.

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