Leadership Lab

Leadership Lab is a program that focuses on leadership development in youth. Since 2011, we are offering summer employment, volunteering opportunities, and OSSD credits to participants of this program.

What happens in this program?

Each summer, a team of students launches community projects in their neighbourhoods. The secondary and post-secondary students are supported by a team of retired educators who are acting as volunteers. The focus of projects is not just leadership development but also to help youth address challenges faced by them and their communities.

Leadership Lab Team in one of their workshops

What activities are undertaken as a part of the Leadership lab?

We encourage the program participants to develop new skills that will help them both in their careers and life. This is done through multiple in-person and online activities in their communities.

Building Mentoring Relationships

We facilitate the exchange of experiences between students, educators, and community leaders.

These Mentor-Mentee relationships are built to understand youth and community issues better. You can get a new point of view on the issues considering the diverse set of people.

You will also interact as well as network with members of Canadian society.

Field Trips for Leadership Lab Program
Field Trips and Excursions

We organize field trips that promote exploring your local infrastructure. You will witness how the elements of arts, history, and business, etc. come together to impact your surroundings.

These tours gone virtual, for the time being, but with the usage of interactive and engaging online tools.

We also conduct social scans, asset and resource mapping of home communities.

Leadership and Critical Thinking Skill Development at Leadership Lab: Team presenting their project
Skill Development

Through Leadership Lab, you can develop your interpersonal and intrapersonal skills significantly.

You will learn to work together in teams and present your projects to larger audiences. You will also get a chance to interact with community leaders, MPPs, and MPs.

Leading and Volunteering at the team projects boosts their self-confidence. This, in turn, is helpful in their self-development, especially in the long term.

Check out what our Leadership Lab teams are doing right now in the Ongoing Projects section.