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The Leadership Lab

An intensive leadership masterclass program, that offers youth leaders from across the GTA summer employment, volunteer opportunities, and OSSD credits.

Since 2011, Trinity has offered GTA youth, The Leadership Lab a one-of-a-kind, integrative and experiential, peer leadership intensive masterclass. Each summer, Trinity draws a diverse group of youth from across Toronto into an inclusive, non-judgmental, intentional community to heighten their peer leadership development and explore what it means to be Canadian.

During the six-week summer program, an intergenerational team of secondary, post-secondary students, and retired educator volunteers, work with Trinity to co-create new programs, training materials, and credit courses, that address the challenges facing today’s youth.

The Leadership Lab facilitates the development of sense of person, sense of place, community, compassion, and diversity. Trinity uses immersive processes that are as important as the products or outcomes.

Encouraging youth to develop deep thinking, activities include:

  • Intergenerational mentoring exchanges
  • Conducting social scans, asset and resource mapping of their home communities
  • Interpersonal and intrapersonal skills training
  • Field trips that promote an exploration of Toronto’s infrastructure and history of immigration, integration and inclusion (e.g. Fort York, St. Lawrence Market Gallery, Toronto Archives, Old City Hall Courts, City Hall, Queens Park, etc.)
  • Exploration of the city’s infrastructure, history/heritage, civics, arts, health, environment, business (e.g. Fort York, City Hall, St. Lawrence Market Gallery, Necropolis, Toronto Archives, Brickworks, Old City Hall Courts, Toronto Mounted Police Unit, Bridgepoint Health, National Film Board, Queens Park, AGO, CAMH, Ontario Historical Society, Rouge Park, university and college campuses, etc.)
    Conducting interviews and networking opportunities with representatives of many sectors of Canadian society.

The goal is to root the participants in the broader community, work with diversity, develop civic awareness, a stronger sense of citizenship and belonging.

Increased collaboration between older adults and youth (groups that don’t typically work together) in mentoring and leadership activities that support transitions and promote positive life choices for both young and old results in more vibrant cohesive communities.

Each summer brings youth the opportunity to explore a new “theme” with Trinity.

Leadership Lab themes are constantly evolving to support youth as they grow in today’s changing society.

Leadership Lab Themes have included:

Peer Leadership
Community Engagement
Urban Citizenship Wilderness Stewardship
Post-Secondary Transitions
Handling Stress
Canada 150
Emergency Preparedness
Mental Health
Inclusion and Diversity

Leading to the development of:

Peer-led workshops:
Civic Engagement
Career and Personal Development
Environmental Awareness & Emergency Preparedness
Handling Stress
Transitioning to Post-Secondary Future

Youth-led Community Engagements:

Walking Tours
Forums and Idea Exchanges
Coffeehouse Collectives

Blended Learning OSSD Credit Courses:

Leadership in a Changing Society (IDC4U)
Leadership and Peer Support (GPP3O)
Civics/Careers Studies (CHV20-GLC20)

What the Youth Participants Think

  • 95% of participants reported that the Leadership Lab helped them feel more comfortable in a leadership role
  • 95% of participants reported that they significantly improved their understanding of their community and Canada’s infrastructure
  • 85% of participants reported that the program encouraged them to explore their community further, get involved with other community programs, organizations, and opportunities, and reach out to their local politicians
  • 100% of participants reported that they were able to gain insight and ideas from the diverse group of individuals involved in the program
  • 85% believe the Leadership Lab would be beneficial to their peers


About Trinity

Trinity provides experiential and integrated learning using the arts and intergenerational interactions to foster peer leadership, personal development and community resilience.

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Volunteer & Career Opportunities

Trinity is currently recruiting Retired Educators, Career Counsellors, & Education Workers to volunteer as Trainer/Facilitators in our high school programs. Read more.


  • Our first days at the Leadership Lab 2019 with Trinity Theatre, we began exploring many deep topics with @alantrinity.  One of them was violence in the form of language. He said that “violence can be manifested in many ways, and one of them is the language you use to describe your actions or self”. For example, that could be ‘I should have done that’ or ‘I could have done that’ or ‘You should know this.’ Recognise when you’re being violent towards yourself in terms of language, and try to be a little bit nicer to yourself! Look out for our #mindfulmonday, where we share self-care tips and more :) Have a happy weekend!

#language #learning #mindfulness #actions
  • Did you know that there are many cool spots around historic sites in Toronto?

Look at Chantelle & Rebecca having a great time at a hidden bridge near Fort York National Historic Site!

Keep swiping for more photos of everyone having a great time learning about the history and heritage of Toronto! 
#learningcanbefun #history #heritage #education 📸@csharmaphotos
  • Happy #CanadaDay Everyone!

or Have A Canada Happy Day depending on how you read it 😂
  • As #NationalPoetryMonth comes to a close, we share with you a poem by @AlanTrinity 
#Blog #Poem #Hummingbird (Link in Bio)

  • In today's blog, @AlanTrinity discusses breaking through the action/reaction mindset with reflection and an active/contemplative process.

https://trinitytheatre.ca/new/ (Link in Bio)

#mindset #contemplation #selfawareness #reflection #blog #mindfulness
  • We're happy to announce this #NVW2019 that Trinity is working with the Government of Canada to launch our new Volunteer-Focused youth project: Applied Civics!

More info: http://bit.ly/AppliedCivics (Link in Bio)

How are you volunteering in your community this National Volunteer Week? #VolunteerFactor

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