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I was thinking this morning
How hard it is to take
Ownership of your life

When you think of all
The inauthentic selves you were
As you were growing up

The many times you thought
You were genuinely linked
To a unique way of expressing your self

Only to find upon reflection
It was a societal enthusiasm,
A fad at best worse a distraction

And I’m certain there are many reasons for having such a hard time finding yourself, finding out who you really are. One among many of those reasons is the linear mindset – the idea that there’s a past trailing along behind you, and a future tomorrow you are always heading towards.

Given that the past and present are both functions of the way we process and understand our present, to treat them as if they were at a distance from ourselves is an illusion- an illusion that distances us from ourselves ultimately if we treat it as a fact instead of part of the complexity of being here and being as conscious as we can.

I’m disappointed with the linear mindset because it has robbed me of fully enjoying and exploring the different times of life- robbed me of being fully a child, fully a teen or young adult- to name just a few examples.

Robbed me because at whatever stage of life I was always made aware that whatever understanding I had now would change because I was growing, and would understand things more maturely when I got to that other stage.


Why could we not actually accept that we experience life differently at different times of being?

And instead of spending our time ranking in value different periods of life, develop ways to encourage every person to fully explore the life they are living in as great a thinking and feeling depth as they are capable of? That way we develop competencies for life-long learning and relationships, instead of only a track record of deficits and partial understandings and a sense of failure (like I was referring to at the beginning of this piece!)

Why do we have such a hard time of seeing that being here is all there is? And not the reality-systems we make out of being here?

June 17, 2019

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