Peer to Peer Program

Peer To Peer Programs

Our Peer Mentor Program also called Peer to Peer program, connects high school students with peer leaders from senior classes.

It boosts their learning capacity and helps in their transition into a new atmosphere. It also assists them in balancing their academics with social and emotional needs.

Peer Mentors working together with Mentees

How do senior peer leaders mentor the high school students?

The first year of high school is considered to be quite crucial for the students. In this program, a team of senior student Peer Leaders is trained to mentor their high-school counterparts for this duration. These leaders adopt a classroom and run a series of monthly interventions.

They use art and drama-based activities and talking circles to address a variety of school issues. Some of these issues include bullying, substance abuse, gender violence, equity, racism, stress, and mental health. 

Peer Mentors acquire leadership skills during their interaction with younger high school students

What are the benefits of the Peer to Peer workshops?

The Peer Leadership program assists Peer Leaders in developing a mentoring relationship with the younger high school students.

As a high school student, you will find a mentor who would keep a check on your daily experiences in high school. You will see them contributing directly to your self development during the high school transition process. You will find positive changes to your competence in the social and emotional environment.

As a senior student peer leader, you will develop leadership, facilitation, and mentoring skills through these interactions. You will be able to share opinions, anecdotes and stories of your life experiences and offer mental and emotional support to deal with life challenges.

In this way, this program becomes a win-win situation for both Peer Leaders and younger students. Both feel enabled to handle their personal and academic challenges with this experience.

Coaching and Mentoring at Trinity Peer Mentor program

Can I become a Coach or Mentor? If yes, how?

Yes, you can become a Coach or Mentor if you want.

We have developed a certification course for seniors who are interested in becoming a coach or mentor so that they can effectively train the peer leaders to deliver the Peer to Peer program.

Handling life transitions is as real a process for older adults as it is for high school students navigating the education system. 

Becoming a coach/mentor gives retired educators an opportunity to continue using their skills and experience in new and unique ways.

Intergeneratinol interactions in Peer to Peer programs

What are the benefits of having older experienced people as mentors in the program?

With older and experienced mentors, students appreciate their life stories and experiences. They understand that a lot of these mentors have gone through the same challenges and value their inputs.

This, in turn, increases their resiliency and self-esteem. They also start to appreciate the ageing process and the life experience that comes out of it. 

Older adults, in turn, enjoy better health, satisfaction, and a sense of fulfillment from feeling connected and productive. This is also facilitated by the fact that they are able to share their life experiences with these students.

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