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Peer to Peer


Peer to Peer is an effective mentoring program that supports students’ transition to high school. Through the program, a peer leadership troupe of senior students is created to address a variety of school issues that may affect grade 9 students. These issues include bullying, relational aggression, substance abuse, gender violence, equity and racism.

The older peer leaders “adopt” a classroom and carry out a series of monthly drama- and art-based prevention interventions. In doing so, they gain leadership skills while contributing to the development of social/emotional competence and resilience in the younger students.

A middle school program is also available. Emulating the high school model, grade 8’s support the grade 7’s transition to middle school.



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About Trinity

Trinity provides experiential and integrated learning using the arts and intergenerational interactions to foster peer leadership, personal development and community resilience.

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Trinity is currently recruiting Retired Educators, Career Counsellors, & Education Workers to volunteer as Trainer/Facilitators in our high school programs. Read more.

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