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Teaching and Learning

We have all experienced the ‘personal touch’ – of how things between people go well when there is some degree of familiarity, sharing, trust and mutual benefit

Why should it be any different in groups where people come together to pursue specific goals?

Like in our schools and between teachers, students and administrators?

We can’t ‘park’ our personal lives outside the classroom door then expect our learning abilities- which are primarily based on our social/emotional natures – to spring into action divorced from our feelings and heart.

Little wonder so many people in the past have found attending school , especially in the classroom, a dull , arid experience- unless enlivened by the personal charm and/or idiosyncrasies of the teacher, and their approach to their subject.

The ‘ personal touch’ I am referring to here does not involve extending the teacher or administrator’s role into therapy or counseling of students. Instead, it means that conscious efforts are made to create a supportive learning environment where the student feels less like the ‘receiver’ of education than a participant in their own education.

To become a life-long learner a person must always feel capable of becoming engaged, in a critical sense, with whatever most affects them.

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