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The Art of Finding Yourself

Finding yourself is the journey of a lifetime.

A journey that will have periods of greater intensity, for instance, in your youth and your senior years, and significant occasions involving birth and death.

It is one of the most heart-breaking, most joyous of journeys you will ever undertake.

Here are some guidelines to keep in mind as we share our journeys together in these notes:

Be as open to life as you can.

Neither deny, nor reject automatically experiences that make you uncomfortable.

Having said that, always follow your feelings when it comes to personal safety.

The more you can develop the capacity to sustain emotional discomfort until your whole being offers understanding and solutions the more open your life will be.

Know that your life has begun. It doesn’t begin when you finish high school or college or university someday. Nor does it begin when you leave home, get your first job, or start a family.

Despite what any voice tells you, don’t limit your engagement in the present. Your life has begun.

Certain knowledge, certain achievements, certain skills are of course age related. But they do not signify the worth of a life. Your worth as a human being lies in your capacity to love, to grow, to learn and create, and to express yourself. None of these are age related. Nor is your worth as a human being ever actually in question.

Expect that you will likely move through many changes, many transitions, many deaths and many births.

You are never doing only the obvious task at hand but your heart’s work in creating yourself and the world.

Either everything in life is miraculous or nothing is said Einstein- live as though everything is.

Forgive those people who hurt you and move on

Live in love and be guided by kindness.

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