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The Humming Bird

Recently we went to our local hardware

To find a feeder for the hummer

Visiting the peonies by our kitchen window


But the few they had were bright red

Plastic decorated with yellow flowers

Likely to allure but hard to clean


Frustrated we decided to look for something

As graceful and functional as our miniature

Fly catcher whose flash of hovering beauty


With his perfectly curved iridescent blue

Head and well-known ruby red throat

Poised on a light green and saffron body


Interrupts each and every day he appears

And I have some friends who say

He’s a marvel meaning a scientific fact


Whose every act is measurable because for them

This world and everything in it – including us –

Can be reduced to adding 1+1 to equal 2


And it’s true I know that many benefits

Have accrued throughout history since

The invention of numbers – or is it discovery? –


And knowing the various measures of things

In this life generates incredible technologies

With which to explore this and other worlds


But I’m stuck in this world at the moment

Of his beauty that I never tire of seeing

And how when we connect with each other


The math becomes more 1 + 1 equals 3

Or 7 or 12 or any number of possibilities

Because the moment’s not about our measure only


But also about this sudden “Oh!” within

This flutter like his wings opening inside

Connecting me through his beauty to something


Greater deeper and other than myself

Yet of myself a shared otherness

Making 1 + 1 now 3 and more


Like the beauty I have found in you

And being with you learning how one

Random person connected to another can create


A third person now named “us” because now

1 + 1 means walks in the park and

visits to aging parents and endless


children’s school concerts and shared worries

really all the things we do with those

we love and know intuitively mean more


so as we maneuver around frustrated

in our search for a feeder immersed

in our self-made realities and busy-ness


that dulls the senses and makes a casual

callousness a constant possibility and worse

that vows run dry and vanish in thin air


suddenly and just as constantly beauty happens

our hummer’s aerodynamics in gravity lift

me with you to a higher order always here


we have found a love deeper than thought

alone thought possible a beauty in being

at play like us in water earth and air

June 17, 2019

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