Youth Leadership At Work – Ongoing Projects

Each summer, the Trinity team oversees youth leadership projects across multiple neighbourhoods. These projects are primarily a part of the Leadership Lab program.

These projects are meant to benefit the youth leaders as well as attract more youth to volunteering in their local neighbourhoods.

They aim at active participation in the form of a walking tour around Weston, a field trip to St. Lawrence Market, or chatting with a city representative. They may also organize a full-scale event commemorating local artists.

Trinity's 2020 Youth Leadership Lab Team - An Artistic representation by Christeen Awad
Artist Credit: Christeen Awad

However, the 2020 pandemic pushed us to think of newer ways to engage with youth. The projects were virtual now but the participants ran online workshops and virtual walking tours with equal enthusiasm.

Youth Leadership Team Projects 2021


WestDale Blooms is a project in the neighbourhoods of Weston and Rexdale. It focuses on beautifying the neighbourhood and creating an in-school community garden.

The activities include sharing Sow-A-Plant kits, conducting online workshops on topics like 3Rs, Healthy and Sustainable Living, etc.


The Friend for Change is a mentorship program with students of Greenwood Secondary School (GSS) and Danforth Collegiate and Technical Institute (DCTI). 

The project helps in building strong supportive networks especially for newcomer students through peer mentorship and self-reflection.


The Social Justice Digital Library is an open and accessible platform to know more about social justice issues.

It is a digital repository that allows students to share personal experiences about social justice issues and raise awareness through its resources and literature.


The Arran-Elderslie Youth Council (AEYC) is a volunteer opportunity provided by the Municipality of Arran-Elderslie, Ontario and Trinity Theatre.

It aims at being the hub of resources related to Identity, Employment and Training, Health and Well-being, etc.

Visit the Arran-Elderslie Website to find information about mental health resources, job openings, volunteer opportunities, local events, and more at Arran-Elderslie. You can also like their Facebook Page to get regular updates in your feed.


ReThink: Substance Use is a drug education and awareness program with a focus on prevention and intervention through peer-based support.

It aims to educate youth on substance misuse through its series of engaging workshops on topics like Illicit Drugs, Cigarettes, Tobacco and Vaping, Prescription Drugs, etc.

Would you like to volunteer on any of these projects? Do you think you would be interested in partnering with us on any of these initiatives? Check out our Get Involved section to connect with us to explore relevant opportunities.